Super Retail Enterprise Agreement

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What is the Super Retail Enterprise Agreement and what does it mean for workers?

Super Retail Group is one of the largest and most diverse retailers in Australia, with over 670 stores and 12,000 employees across different brands such as Supercheap Auto, BCF, Macpac, and Rebel. In November 2020, after months of negotiation and consultation with employee representatives, the company introduced a new enterprise agreement that will govern the working conditions, wages, and benefits of most of its workforce until 2023. This agreement, known as the Super Retail Group Enterprise Agreement 2020, has several notable features that affect the rights and obligations of both employees and the company.

One of the key changes introduced by the agreement is the adoption of a new classification structure for roles and pay scales. This structure aims to provide clearer career paths and progression opportunities for employees, as well as a more streamlined and consistent approach to remuneration. Under the new structure, there are four levels of employment: entry-level, skilled, specialist, and leadership, each with different minimum and maximum rates of pay. The agreement also includes annual increases to base rates, as well as changes to allowances, loadings, and penalty rates for working overtime, weekends, or public holidays.

Another significant aspect of the agreement is the expansion of the range of flexible work arrangements available to employees. This includes the ability to work part-time, job share, or compressed hours, as well as to request changes to start and finish times, hours of work, or location. The agreement also includes provisions for parental leave, carer`s leave, and compassionate leave, as well as access to personal and sick leave.

The Super Retail Enterprise Agreement also includes some provisions related to workplace health and safety, such as the obligation for the company to consult with employees and their representatives about hazards, risks, and incident reporting. The agreement also provides for ongoing training and support for employees, particularly in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

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Overall, the introduction of the Super Retail Group Enterprise Agreement 2020 reflects a complex and evolving landscape of industrial relations and employment practices in Australia. It reflects the challenges and opportunities faced by employers and employees in balancing commercial imperatives, legal requirements, and social expectations. By understanding the details and implications of this agreement, copy editors can help to inform and engage audiences who may have different perspectives or interests in this topic.