Agreement Cheating Case

Agreement Cheating Case: What You Need to Know

Agreement cheating is a growing problem in academic institutions around the world. It involves students paying someone else to complete their assignments or exam on their behalf. The increase in online learning coupled with the ease of accessing academic materials has made it easier for students to cheat. In this article, we will explore a recent agreement cheating case and the impact it had on the students and the institution.

The Case

In 2019, a group of five students from a university in Sydney, Australia, were caught in an agreement cheating case. They had paid an online essay writing service to complete their assignments for them. The service provided them with essays on various topics, which they submitted as their own work. The students were caught when their essays were found to have been plagiarized.

The Impact

The students were expelled from the university, and their degrees were revoked. The university also notified the Australian government`s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which could lead to the cancellation of their visas. The essay writing service was also investigated, and legal action was taken against them.

The case had a significant impact on the students involved, as well as the integrity of the university. The students lost their degrees and potentially their visas, which could have serious implications on their future careers and lives. The university`s reputation also suffered, as it became known as a place where students could cheat without fear of consequences.

Preventing Agreement Cheating

To prevent agreement cheating, academic institutions need to take a proactive approach. This can include implementing strategies such as plagiarism detection software and educating students on academic integrity. It is also essential to have clear policies and consequences for agreement cheating, so students understand the seriousness of the offense.


Agreement cheating is a serious problem that can have severe consequences for both students and academic institutions. The recent case in Australia highlights the importance of taking a proactive approach to prevent cheating. By implementing strategies such as plagiarism detection software and educating students on academic integrity, we can help ensure that academic institutions remain places for true learning and growth.